Mesh Jewellery

Mesh-jewellery by Sophia Emmett

Mesh Bracelet  
These handmade mesh bracelets are made from heat treated woven nylon and hand beaten steel alloy. The contrasting mesh and steel create a durable, light and dramatic bracelet that is easily slipped over the hand and onto the wrist. They come in eight colours; black, charcoal, white, red, gold, yellow, lilac and neon blue and 5 different styles.

Mesh Earrings
These hand made mesh stud earrings are formed from heat treated nylon and sterling silver. They are made by small and medium diameter nylon tube being loop or knotted into silver. They are very light, simple and sophisticated. They come in two colours black and red.

Mesh Necklaces
These handmade necklaces are made from heat treated nylon, rubber and sterling silver. To wear, simply place over the head. They come in a variety for colours, combinations and sizes.

Reflective Bracelets
These hand made mesh bracelets are made from heat treated reflective nylon and sterling silver, they come in black and white, and are easily slipped over the wrist.